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Oak Island Fishing Charters Grouper beat down

Today Oak Island Fishing Charters went out and beat the socks of the Scamp Grouper and only caught 1 seabass during the whole time.  Boats full limit of nice Scamp Grouper and a pile of Banded Rudder Fish.  On the way in we sampled a few spot and Big Sea Bass are everywhere and I am not going to just sit there and catch them to say we are catching fish so I know what area not to try tomorrow.  Long ride in the morning rolling the dice since it paid off today.



Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing is Fishing

Oak Island Fishing Charters went back to give the Shark a sore lip but they had other plans.  After yesterdays non stop action and the conditions ideal this morning fishing was way off from yesterday.  We got there early and landed 2 big Blacktip Sharks that spent just as much time out of the water than in the water.  We missed a few more and caught a little one all before 8-830.  Then just like a light switch it was over, no more shark catching back to the fishing part of it.  We had a little time left so we caught some pogies and got a big citation Spanish.  Taking tomorrow off since the wind looks like its going to blow to get the boat ready for a long stretch of Grouper Fishing.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Grouper Fishing

Oak Island Fishing Charters made its first grouper trip of the season and after a slow start “cause capt went to where the fish were not”  we made a rebound.  Final tally was 11 nice scamp grouper 1 red grouper and 2 berrys.  Best part also was the fact that we did not catch but about dozen blackbass cause it was grouper or nothing pretty much.  Back to the Stream on Friday weather permitting.  Will have short video and pictures of grouper trip later.

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