Oak Island Fishing Charters 3/4 day

Oak  Island Fishing Charters had a 3/4 day fishing trip yesterday and for once the weatherman was wrong in our favor.  We made the 30 mile ride with no problem but the fish did not want to bite once we got there.  We had to move around all day looking for some fish that were not SeaBass.  Finally we got into the Amberjacks and Grouper then right when it was time to go home a nice Mahi decided he want to go with us.  At the end of the day there were some good eating in the boat

Oak Island Fishing Charters Grouper

Oak Island Fishing Charters got an early start today passing by Bald Head Island NC before the sun came up.  If the fishing was this easy everybody would be doing it, Big Scamp Grouper and Wahoo is what wanted to ride back home with us today.  We had the boats full limit in less than 30 min then put the lines out chasing down some wahoo.  If you have not booked your grouper CATCHING trip hurry up.

Oak Island backwater Fishing Charters

Oak Island Fishing Charters had a pair of backwater fishing trips today.  With a strong NW wind this morning we had a hard time finding a place that would give up protection but we found some behind Bald Head Island NC.  We caught several Red Drum, Trout and Bluefish but it was hard fishing.  Looks like our water is warming up,  so better fishing is around the corner.