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Oak Island Fishing Nearshore Charters On Fire

The last several days while not offshore we have been catching lots of Spanish Mackerel and Atlantic Bonita’s.  To say the nearshore has fired off is an understatement because not only are the Spanish here but the big sharks and King Mackerel are around also.  Looks like another day of Nearshore then its off the CATCH the Grouper again.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Full Day Catching

Finally after 3 days I made it out to go fill the box with grouper.  As the pictures come in I will post but for now the report will be simple.  The boat was full of Grouper (keepers) , Mahi, Wahoo and of course Blackbass.  Make no mistake about it we target and catch Grouper on the full day trips while all the other fish are just a bonus.

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