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Oak Island Fishing Charters Memorial Weekend Update

Sorry for the delay but computer crashed and fishing everyday.  Here it is, the fishing could not have been any better the last 5 or 6 days we have lived up to our reputation of targeting specific fish that you pay to fish for.  Grouper fishing is our specialty when we bottom fish so that’s what you should catch the most of and the tract record is great.   Lots of Big Grouper, Big Mahi with Blackbass and Amberjacks mixed in was the routine for the offshore trips.  Nearshore the Spanish are around but the sharks are hungry and should hold steady for the summer pattern.  In the Backwater the flounder are moving in but the Red Drum are showing there numbers better.  Bottom line fishing has been great from the Backwater to Bluewater with Oak Island Fishing Charters.







Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

Today at Oak Island the weather threw a curve ball to area.  All the cobia just vanished and the King Mackerel must have went with them today also.  The big Sharks are around as Capt John had great luck on both trips with them today using live bait.  On my afternoon trip we pushed off and made a very productive 3/4 trip about 25 miles catching all the Amberjacks the arms could take.  Gulfstream or Grouper in the morning.

Oak Island NC Backwater Red Drum Fishing

With all the wind and rain on Thursday our hopes of catching fish was brought down a notch on Friday.  With windy conditions and dirty water it made the fishing tough but we kept hitting spots around Bald Head Island NC until it happened.  Looks like we will be in the ocean for a few days to look for more kings and cobia.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Offshore Full Day

Today could not have went any better while fishing offshore Oak Island NC.  Bait was easy at first light and within 1 hour we had the boats full limit of 6 cobia in the boat with the biggest weighing in at 46lbs.  After that fire drill we went on the catch Big “keeper” Scamp Groupers that we targets specifically along with jumbo Sea Bass.  Looks like sharking in the am and cobia for the afternoon.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Grouper Catching

Quality Control

The big Scamp Grouper wanted a ride back to Oak Island NC today and we were more than happy to give them a lift.  We  love targeting a catching Grouper because it way more challenging than just “bottom fishing” but that’s just what Capt John and myself enjoy doing.  Today had all the conditions that could have produced a bad day but the Grouper did not take advantage of the dirty green water but having the right bait on the right rock is all it takes.  Results was boats full limit of Grouper plus 2 30lb African Pompano’s along with the usual blackbass, grunts ect….

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