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Oak Island Fishing Charters Backwater, Nearshore and Grouper Catching.

The busy season is here and the weather man taking care of the charter boats for the most part with nice weather and hungry fish.  The flounder bite has been steady with a drum mixed in the backwater.  Nearshore trips have been catching lots of Spanish Mackerel and Blues plus blacktip sharks and Hammerheads.  On the days offshore we have been filling the boxes with Grouper, Triggerfish, Cobia and Amberjacks.  If you every had an urge to go catching and not fishing you need to come to Oak Island NC we will take care of the rest.


Oak Island Fishing Charters Weekend Fishing Report

Still on the grind at Oak Island NC with Oak Island Fishing Charters and the Backwater and Nearshore trips.  In the backwater its just a steady pick of Flounder, Red Drum and Black Drum.  Its not easy fishing right now but we are catching.  On the Nearshore trips of Oak Island the Spanish Mackerel are thick and the sharks are hungry so if your looking for lots of action this is the trip to take at the present time…


Oak Island Fishing Charters Backwater Nearshore Fishing Report

The last several days we have been busy catching fishing all over the place.  In the backwater flounder has been the main goal with a red drum and trout mixed in also.  On the nearshore trips Spanish Mackerel and all kinds of Sharks have been providing steady action with 10-20 sharks per trip.  Looks like we have a few more days in the skinny water before we go back in the  ocean.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Weekend Update

The Backwater and Nearshore fishing trips with Oak Island Fishing Charters this weekend has been great.  The Red Drum showed  back up along with a steady Flounder bite for the backwater trips.  In the Ocean we have been running nearshore Shark Catching trips with lots of action.  The summer pattern has set in so if you do not already have your trip booked don’t miss out on the fun.



Oak Island Fishing Charters Weekend Fishing Report

This weekend could not have went much better. First the east wind on Sat made the ocean close in very nice and Capt John reported great shark action.  I stayed in the backwater and wore the Drum out.  On Sunday the ocean was perfect for grouper catching and it was a bad day to be a grouper. Capt John reported lots of small Spanish and steady shark action with the kids.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Backwater Fishing

Today at Oak Island NC the wind showed us no mercy with a steady 20-25mph but with our backwater fishing we can find shelter from the wind and have a good chance of putting fish in the boat.  Once in the right spot we started catching Red Drum and Black Drum about every cast.  After there was plenty for dinner we started releasing the fish.  Sure hope this pattern holds.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Wreck Fishing

Left the dock a little late at Oak Island NC after the wind settled down to go do some live bait wreck fishing.  Finally the weather man was right once we go out the wind stopped and the fish tried to jump in the boat.  Amberjacks a cobia is whats on the menu for the group for a while now.  Looks like backwater fishing the rest of the week as the wind blow and hope to get the grouper again this weekend.

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