Oak Island Fishing Charters Nearshore

Oak Island Fishing Charters got to sneak in another trip Tue before the wind picked up and the fishing was great again.  This time the Atlantic Bonito’s decided they wanted to play.  These fish are really good to eat but are only here for a little while..   Not sure if Ive said this yet but I am ready to catch some grouper.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Backwater Fishing

Well Ive been painting a picture of doom and gloom on the backwater fishing with the charters because of all the rain and cool weather we just had.  To be honest the Red Drum are hungry and with us having lots of places that produce fish we don’t have to go looking.  Bottom line is the fishing is getting better but it is fishing and not always like today.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Weekend Fishing Report

Over the last several days we have been all over the place.  Full days catching Wahoo’s and Half days nearshore with the blackbass along with chasing red drum in the backwater.  Everything is starting to come together as the water warms up nearshore and the bait starts moving around in the creeks.  Looks like no fishing till maybe the weekend as this next front passes but this past weekend was the kind of weather we all needed to get the bug to go fishing.

Oak Island Fishing Charters King Mackerel Beat Down

Finally got the weather to work in our favor to do a little Commercial King Mackerel fishing before Grouper season starts.  The bite was very slow till 10am and without a boat around there was king mackerel all around the boat.  For the next 2 hours Greer (cool runnings charters) and myself wore them out.  500lbs in 2 hours and lost about the same amount.  Looks like Gulfstream trips and backwater till grouper season gets here (I cant wait for the grouper btw).

Oak Island Fishing Charters Backwater Fishing Report

Finally the water is warming up with the steady weather the last few days.  We have gotten off to a slow start with the cold water but we are catching fish and it will continue to be an uphill climb.   So it looks like the doom and gloom is over since we now have hope in catching fish in the backwater.  Steady Red and Black Drum along with Flounder should keep getting better.  Here is one of our pictures from the backwater fishing trip yesterday.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Grouper Mission

I know Grouper season is not open but Oak Island Fishing Charters is getting a head start or “practice”.  Today we was joined by the Government to practice a new release method to study the survival rate.  We caught, measured and tagged each fish.  Not only did we catch Grouper but true 6-8lb trigger fish along with plenty of Amberjacks.  Its nice to know they know who to call to catch Grouper and Im very grateful.  Looking forward to many more adventures like today.  Pictures and Videos when they are released.