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End of Year Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

Between Instagram and Facebook I completely forgot to keep website update and with the gap between last report its just to much to play catchup . Please follow one or the other and look at all the pictures from the summer and fall. Currently booking trips for 2021 so dont miss out we would like to be part of your adventure.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

Hope everyone has been able to stay healthy during the COVID 19. The fishing season is starting and we would like to be part of you 2020 adventure. Backwater Red drum action has started and the nearshore king mackerel, cobia run will start around Mothers day. Offshore we will be catching lots of grouper. If your ready to get out of the house and away from everyone there is not a better place to be the out in the ocean. Give us a call and book your trip. Take care and stay safe

End of Year Fishing Report from Oak Island Fishing Charters

The fall was finally a text book finish with good weather and great fishing. Backwater saw lots of trout, drum while fishing with live shrimp. The nearshore fishing was steady catching big red drum and king mackerel. Offshore the Grouper, King Mackerel was the target species and we even got lucky enough to catch a Giant Bluefin Tuna. 2020 is here and Mid March we start back booking trips after we get all the boats back in tip top shape for your adventure. Dont wait till the last minute to book your trip but if you do we have several boats to accommodate you.

Fall Fishing Oak Island NC

Sept has been steady fishing off Oak Island NC and will only get better. Expect the Fall King Mackerel fishing to fire up and stay strong thru Christmas and the Fall migration of giant Red Drum has started. Offshore the Snapper, Grouper, Triggerfish and Wahoo will keep you busy and fill the freezer for the winter. Get your group together and lets go fishing also follow us on Facebook if you can to stay up to date on whats happening with Oak Island Fishing Charters.

Oak Island Fishing Charters July Fishing Report

We have been Busy at Oak Island NC catching lots of fish. Since the season is in full swing i will keep this report short. Backwater has seen good Flounder and Red Drum fishing. Nearshore has finally started catching good numbers of Spanish Mackerel and big Sharks. Offshore trips produce king mackerel, Grouper, Snapper and Amberjacks. Fall Fishing is around the corner and we would love to show you what its really like. Follow us on FB for more up to date reports

Oak Island Fishing Charters Monthly Fishing Report

The season is full swing at Oak Island NC and if you have not signed up for an adventure you are missing out but there is still time to get in on the action. Backwater trips have had luck catching Flounder, Drum and some Trout. Nearshore has stayed busy with King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel and Big Sharks. Offshore is always good action catching Grouper, Snappers, King Mackerel and other great tasting bottom fish. Oct is around the corner and now is the time to start planning on the fall migration of big king mackerel and giant red drum. For more pictures and updated fishing reports follow us on FB. Oak Island Fishing Charters

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report From Oak Island NC

The past Month has been awesome catching fish here at Oak Island. We are super busy so i will keep this short and to the point. Backwater fishing has been seeing lots of Black Drum, Red Drum and a few Flounder are starting to show up but the flounder fishing will be picking up in a few weeks. Nearshore has been catching lots of King Mackerel and even though they are on the small side a big one shows up every now and then. Offshore full day fishing trips has been hot catching Mahi Mahi and most likely the best Grouper fishing ive seen in over 20 years. Its time to book your trip for the summer adventure with the family. Give us a call . 9104701995 and to stay up to date on fishing report follow us on Facebook.

Time to go fishing with Oak Island Fishing Charters

The season is here and the fish are biting. Backwater trips have been producing steady action catching Red Drum and Black Drum. Offshore fishing has been doing very well catching lots of King Mackerel. May 1st is approaching fast and we are diffidently your #1 pick to go grouper fishing. Once you have your vacation homes secured for the summer we have the Captains and boats to finish off your adventure and hopefully make it the highlight of your trip. Its time so lets go fishing

2019 Oak Island Fishing Charters Season.

2019 is officially underway and we have all the boats ready to take you on your adventure. Backwater fishing , Nearshore Fishing and Offshore Fishing . Get your groups together for the best adventure around thats provided by fisherman that have a long history or fishing for a living. The last several months we have combed through all the boats one at a time to get everything in the best condition and updated with all the new toys. We have been commercial fishing offshore for King Mackerel, Monster Wahoo in the Gulfstream also. backwater red drum trips is just around the corner

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fall Fishing Report

Sorry for the delayed fishing report since the hurricane but the fishing has been good.   We have had to battle very unstable weather the last couple months but in between the heavy wind days we have been able to put our clients on some really good fishing.  Backwater action mainly consists of Black Drum and Red Drum.  Nearshore trips got to experience Big Red Drum and King Mackerel.  Offshore is still the same “easy” to catch fish we just need the wind to lay down.

What to expect over the next couple months.   Backwater fishing should stay steady with Black Drum and start to see the Trout pick up.  Offshore trips will see excellent Grouper, Wahoo, King Mackerel and Lots of bottom fish so get your group together and lets fill the freezer for the winter.

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