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Oak Island Fishing Charters Backwater Fishing

Well Ive been painting a picture of doom and gloom on the backwater fishing with the charters because of all the rain and cool weather we just had.  To be honest the Red Drum are hungry and with us having lots of places that produce fish we don’t have to go looking.  Bottom line is the fishing is getting better but it is fishing and not always like today.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Weekend Backwater Update

Ill make this short and simple.  The wind as been blowing pretty good here at Oak Island and the boats have not been able to make it out into the ocean.  Just because its rough out there does not mean we have been sitting around because the Red Drum are still willing to put a good bend in the rods and smiles on all the clients that have  joined us the last 3 days.  Looks like we will be back in the ocean around Wed but there is still a lot of Backwater to explore this week.


Oak Island Fishing Charters Backwater Report

Today Oak Island Fishing Charters had 2 1/2 day backwater trips cause the wind was blowing to hard to get in the ocean “imagin that”.  The first trip was awesome cause there for  most of the trip we could do no wrong catching fish two at a time at times.  Everything this morning was picture perfect including our crew.  Now the afternoon trip was a complete waste of time for us if it could go wrong it did so the only solution was to go back to the dock early and try it again the other day.  Today was a classic example of how fishing can go from one extreme to another.  Sure wish this wind would stop.

Pictures coming soon.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Weekend Report

With trips wanting to go way offshore and the winds not being in our favor we bounced around in the backwater looking for the inshore grandslam.  The flounder are here so now its just a matter of putting it all together with the Red Drum and Trout.  The “peanut pogies” have been very hard to find so go to the Tackle Box and try the Tiger Minnow because thats what we are catching the flounder and you want have to waste time looking for bait.  Going to get out for an afternoon King Mackerel, Shark trip tomorrow so stand by.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Red Drum Fishing

Finally had a beautiful day on the water and even though it took us a while to locate the fish we found the action.  Once we found the drum they kept in the same spot for over an hour till we ran out of bait.  Even though we did not “land” a real big one the opportunity was there.  I left the camera in the other boat so it looks like we will have to go catch them again for the photo moment.  Still ready to do a little commercial king mackerel fishing.

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