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Oak Island Fishing Charters Grouper Mission

I know Grouper season is not open but Oak Island Fishing Charters is getting a head start or “practice”.  Today we was joined by the Government to practice a new release method to study the survival rate.  We caught, measured and tagged each fish.  Not only did we catch Grouper but true 6-8lb trigger fish along with plenty of Amberjacks.  Its nice to know they know who to call to catch Grouper and Im very grateful.  Looking forward to many more adventures like today.  Pictures and Videos when they are released.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Update

Just about time to take off the straight jacket I had to put on because of the long winter. On a good note the boats are all ready serviced, waxed and tackle ready to do work.  The last few weeks we have run some half day nearshore trips catching Blackbass and Spiny Dogfish.  The backwater fishing has been slow but the trips have been catching a few Red Drum.  The good news is Winter is about gone!!!!! See you soon.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Nearshore Fishing Adventure

Finally got the itch to go fishing today with temps near 70 plus servicing the boat so it will be ready for the season.  We decided to go catch dinner real fast while the boat was in the water.  Black seabass are everywhere and very easy to catch all you got to do is put a piece of cut bait on as many hooks as you care to use and most of the time that’s how many you will catch.  Anyway it was a great time on the water and Im about ready for a little King Mackerel Commercial fishing before the charters start up.  Stay warm and see you soon.


Oak Island Fishing Charters January Undate.

Welp I will have to say this is the longest 25 days I have not been in the ocean.  The water temp has dropped like a rock its windy and yes its very very cold.  Hope the Gov keeps the regulations like they are cause when we are Grouper fishing in May you get to keep the Blacksea Bass this year to go with your box full of Grouper.  Anybody have a house in the Caribbean I can go stay at till March 1st gets here?  Take care and remember we are getting closer to the warm weather day by day.

Oak Island Fishin Charters January Fishing Report

Since Christmas there has not been much going on down here at Oak Island NC.  With the windy conditions and cold temps we have only been able to make 3 commercial King Mackerel trip so far.  The Kings were holding only 26 miles off the beach because there has been a warm pocket of water pushed in and the fish averaged 8-30 lbs.  Each trip was a success with a bonus on the way home when we would stop and catch our limit of Black Seabass to eat with no problem.  Another thing this year the Black Seabass did not close down so when you come down in the spring we get to keep the bass we catch (legal size).  I plan on staying off the water till March (maybe go one or two days) to get the boat ready for new motors for this upcoming season.  Take care and stay warm.

Oak Island Fishing Charters December King Mackerel Catching

The ocean was flat and the fish were hungry two days this week.  No charters this week but that does not mean we still don’t fish for a living this time of year can produce some of the best King Mackerel fishing.    900lbs of King Mackerel and back at the dock by 430pm each day but right now it looks like the unstable winter weather pattern is coming back in so maybe we can get a few more trips in before Christmas.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Thanksgiving Fishing Report

Its hard to believe the end of 2013 is almost here and the best part is all the memories we made with people from all over the world and we can not thank you enough.  This week the weather has been all over the place hot, cold windy and lots of canceled trips but we did get a few trout and drum trips in.  The trout are here and hungry you just need to fish the falling tide.  The Big Red Drum are around also and when you find one you have action for hours with the cold water the Drum are in a tight school.  Looks like a few Wahoo trips will be made mid week so stay tuned.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Update

It the time of year here at Oak Island NC when the wind blows almost everyday.  On the calm days we have been catching King Mackerel in the 30 mile range and the size of fish are 5lbs to 30 lbs so you just never know but there are plenty of them.  Most days lately we have been staying in the backwater catching Speckled Trout.  This fishing pattern should hold till Christmas with a good Gulfstream trip in the mix every now and then.

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