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Oak Island Fishing Charters wheres the African Pompano

Today Oak Island Fishing Charters went from wreck to wreck looking for some African Pompano.  They usually show up after a bad storm this time of year but we found nothing.  When 12 o’clock rolled around we had not caught the first fish but it all changed in a hurry.  We were catching big 4lb Vermilion Snappers and Gag grouper every drop and this made it a great day on the water with  a cooler of fish.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Hard Fishing

Today Oak Island Fishing Charters spent most of the day looking around for some better signs that the fish are coming.  This morning did not look good andthe afternoon looked great but still not many fish around so the big question is tomorrow the day.  The water was clear, bait every where and fish busting the water between the two piers.  After the way the water looked this afternoon I don’t think I can blame it on the storm (fish just are not wanting to bite today).  Everyone on the boat new the situation before we left the dock and we still had a great time on the water.  The only way to look at fishing this week is are you going to be the one to find the fish or hear about the fish.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Giant Tarpon and Shark Pictures

The Big Ones that do not get away from Oak Island Fishing Charters.  I have been waiting on pictures all summer but these two fish were caught Friday and Sat.  We love catching trophy fish and these pictures are worth more than words.  Go to our Facebook Page for pictures because the pictures are to large to post here.  Oak Island Fishing Charters


Oak Island Fishing Charters Big Tarpon

Had a group charter Oak Island Fishing Charters to take his son to catch a shark for his birthday and maybe get lucky and catch a Tarpon.  Well the plan came together first fish was a 40lb blacktip shark that put on a great show.  The last fish was a 72″ x 38″ Tarpon and in less than 10 min we were taking pictures.  I will post when the charter sends them to me.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Awesome Shark Fishing

The title says it all for Oak Island Fishing Charters because the shark fishing was great.  The morning trip had nothing but Hammerheads including one the almost stretched across the boat (will have pic soon).  The afternoon trip stayed busy with nice blacktip Sharks including several that would jump and break our lines.  I really don’t see how the nearshore fishing can get any better than it has been this week.

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