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Oak Island Fishing Charters Shark Attack

Today Oak Island Fishing Charters got a late start today after the rain moved out and went to Carolina Beach on a Shark mission and as soon as we got there it was on.  With the speed of the center console we wasted no time getting there and the Sharks rewarded us for our effort.  To top the day off the ocean was as calm as it could get which equals a perfect trip and many smiling faces.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Spanish/Sharks Nearshore

Today Oak Island Fishing Charters had two nearshore fishing trips and they were worlds apart.  The first trip right off the bat was catching Spanish Mackerel 2 and 3 at a time till it was time to go shark fishing.  The Sharks wanted in on the fun also catching them 2 at a time till it was time to go in.  The second trip was not worth our time so we came home early.  Dont know if it was from the heat, wind or just was not our time but tomorrow is a different day.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Grouper

Today Oak Island Fishing Charters was swinging for the fence chasing African Pompano but when lunch time rolled around we needed to fish for something else if we wanted to bring something back home.  We did not have the right bait but we had a nice catch of Big Scamp and Gag grouper and all the Amberjacks we wanted to catch.  The big blacksea bass are also a pain when you are trying to catch grouper but they eat well also.  This is one of the Big Scamps.  Go to our facebook page and watch the video.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Great Day

Oak Island Fishing Charters saw plenty of action on the nearshore trips today with Spanish Mackerel.  Its nice when the Spanish fishing is this easy and we have been doing our part in helping the fish.  It has taken years to talk people into keeping only what they are going to eat.  This whole summer we have been doing this then going shark fishing (seems to be working).

Oak Island Fishing Charters Zig Zag

Today Oak Island Fishing Charters went back to Carolina Beach were we have been wearing the Spanish Mackerel and Sharks out.  The only problem was today the big body of fish were gone and the weather was perfect so this goes to show fish have tails.  We started searching and found schools of fish along the way as we kept picking at them.  Good news is looks like the fish are getting closer to home.  Well see what happens later.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Extra Miles

Once again Oak Island Fishing Charters went the extra mile to catch fish.  Today was not as good as yesterday but that’s not saying much since yesterday was the best Ive seen on a nearshore trip in a while.  Both trips caught good to great numbers of spanish and 80-100lb blacktips.  Not to mention the ocean is rough off Oak Island and we were fishing in calm water.  Looks like one more long trip in the A.M. then fishing for flounder in the afternoon.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Best 1/2 day

Today had to be the best day of the year to run nearshore trips.  The first trip we found the fish in Calm water a put whopping on them till the 30 min torrential rain hit us.  Even though the rain slowed us down we were all smiles.  The second trip beat the fish up pretty bad.  With sunny skies and calm winds we caught 60 Spanish in less than an hour then we went to catching 100lb blacktips.  It has been a long time since Ive seen so many Spanish jumping  all I can say is you would have been there to see it.

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