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Oak Island Fishing Charters Sharks again

Oak Island Fishing Charters picked up a group from Bald Head Island this morning to go on a shark hunt.  We started off trying to catch some fresh bait which was a task by its self.  After we caught bait we started Shark fishing and in no time there was two put in the boat.  With the morning being a success already we all decided to go home on a high note because we felt lucky to catch them so fast.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Grouper Trip

Oak Island Fishing Charters went by Bald Head Island @ 5:30 this morning with big plans on smoking the Grouper.  We jigged up cigar minnows in about an hour then made a 45 mile ride to the area we have been fishing only to find out nobody was home.  This is were a Center Console is your best friend, we covered some water fast  to an area I love to fish and the grouper were waiting on us.  Even though the fishing was hard we got a boat load.   Great trip with even better people cant wait till next time.


Oak Island Fishing Charters Shark Attack

Oak Island Fishing Charters had 2 half day trips today chasing down the Blacktip Sharks.  The morning trip was a success catching 40-60 lb blacktips along with some Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish.  The afternoon trip caught the big sharks 125-150lbs and that’s about as big as the Blacktip gets (we do see bigger).  Anyway everybody went home happy and that’s what its all about.  Grouper I hope you sleep good tonight cause we are coming for ya in the morning.  This is not the best picture so go to the CONTACT page and click on the FACEBOOK button and check out the short video.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Finally

Oak Island Fishing Charters has been running some 1/2 days for the last several days looking for Sharks.   After all the wind we had the 1st trip out was slow but we saw plenty of action by the way of Big Sharks fining or jumping out of the water but was not able to bring any to the boat.   Today we had 2 1/2 day trips even though we did not have high hopes when we left the dock things were a lot better once we put the lines in the water.  The afternoon trip was awesome with a nice shark on every 30 seconds till they said “this is to much like work” so we called it a early trip due to fatigue.  We will be at it all weekend and back to smoking the grouper on Sunday.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Nearshore

Oak Island Fishing Charters started out in the backwater behind Bald Head with no luck this morning.  After a phone call about the big Spanish Mackerel in the ocean we headed that way.  Lucky for us we got there when we did because the bit was hot and the fish were big and after a couple hours we had a mess of citation Spanish and headed toward the house.  Hopefully this week the weather will let us get out so stand by.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Mixed bag

Oak Island Fishing Charters went by Bald Head Island NC at 5:30 am on a Grouper/Mahi/Wahoo mission and at the end of the day mission was complete.  We caught some of the biggest Scamp grouper Ive seen in a long time and once we caught the boats full limit the mahi and wahoo was on the menu.  Great day fishing with some even better people cant wait till again.     

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