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Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

We are still at it and have fished everyday since the storm passed.  The Red Drum fishing has still been producing steady action.  King Mackerel have showed up over the last couple weeks and if you know how to throw a cast net to catch your live bait the chances are better.  Big sharks have also kept us busy when the other fish do not want to cooperate.



Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

Oak Island Fishing Charters has still been fishing everyday expect the 4 days it rained 20″.  The Red Drum fishing has been hot so thats the pattern we focused on and up till the rain event its was great.  The big news is after the rain it has been even better and could go down as the best we have seen this time of year.  If you have not booked yet Capt John still has a few days open this month before we cut off the half day trip.  See you soon


Oak Island Fishing Charters Sept Fishing Report

Fall has set in at Oak Island NC and the fishing is right on schedule.  Nearshore the Red Drum, Big Spanish and Sharks has been putting the smile on the customers face.  Backwater fishing has been producing Flounder, Drum and Trout.  As the water temps fall the flounder will start to move offshore and make room for Trout and Red Drum.  Nearshore the king mackerel will start to show up any day now so get ready.  We live bait fish to make the bite better for you nearshore this time of year so dont miss out.  Capt John has a few days open in Oct if you would like to join the fun.



Oak Island Fishing Charters Sept Fishing Report Update

We are still busy at Oak Island Fishing Charters running nearshore fishing trips.  We have recognized fall fishing is right around the corner so we have changed things up a little and started using live bait.  Live bait produces bigger fish and thats what we specialize in so when fishing with us near shore on the half day trips you will experience the difference also.  Shark fishing is still good right along with catching the big Spanish on light tackle.  Flounder fishing on the artificial reefs has been steady on the pretty days.  The tarpon will start migrating back down south this month so if you want to catch one now is the time before its to late.



Oak Island Fishing Charters August Fishing Report

The last several weeks has been about near perfect with us at Oak Island Fishing Charters.  Sure we had a few trips that had a hiccup here and there but overall we could not have asked for better fishing.  Nearshore fishing has produced steady numbers of Spanish Mackerel, Sharks and Flounder on the AR Reefs.  Backwater fishing has been producing Red Drum and Flounder as well but only if you work hard and dont give up.  Looks like fall is around the corner and the Big Red Drum, King Mackerel and Wahoo fishing will take over.




Oak Island Fishing Charter Updated Fishing Report

The weather as finally let us get into our summer pattern of catching fish.  Its pretty straight forward the last 2 weeks catching fish from the backwater to offshore.  The backwater has been producing Flounder, Trout and Red Drum on the 1/2 day  trips.  On the nearshore half day trips its been all about the Shark fishing with a decent catch of Spanish Mackerel here and there.  Offshore is always good while bottom fishing with Grouper, Snapper, Triggerfish and Amberjacks keeping the rods bent.



oak island fishing charters nc fishing report

We have been busy fishing everyday here at Oak Island.  Even with the hard SW winds that makes the ocean rough at Oak Island NC we have the speed to go to Carolina Beach and fish in calm water.  On the nearshore half days we have been catching lots of Spanish Mackerel. King Mackerel  and the Shark fishing has been steady.  The backwater has produced Flounder, Sheephead and Red Drum


oak island fishing charters fishing report

Just a quick report on whats been happening here at Oak Island NC.  The wind has showed us no mercy the last 7 to 10 days.  We have had to make the run to Carolina Beach to get out of the wind and calm water to catch most of our fish which have paid off.  Spanish Mackerel, Sharks have been the best action on the nearshore trips and Flounder, Trout and Drum have been in the backwater.  Just because its blowing and rough at Oak Island NC does not mean we are not fishing.  Like I said earlier we run up to Carolina Beach where its nice and with our speed it does not take us long.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

I know its been a while since the last report but we have had some amazing weather and lots of hungry fish.  We fish everyday but the main thing is we target specific fish and work hard to show you the best way to produce the best quality.  Offshore the big Groupers kept our rods doubled over every time we pulled away from the docks.  Also on other trips that wanted to just bottom fish we took them to the areas where we used to commercial fish so catching Vermilion Snappers and trigger fish along with a few Black Seabass filled the boxes.  Nearshore the Spanish Mackerel and Sharks fishing has settled in the summertime pattern.  Backwater fishing has been producing some nice Flounder, Trout and some Red Drum here and there.  If you have not booked yet its time to let us show you a good time.



Oak Island Fishing Charters

The last several days has been about as close to perfect as it can get.  The offshore fishing has been producing Big Grouper, Cobia, Amberjacks, Kings and a mixed bag of little fish.  Nearshore the Spanish Mackerel and Sharks are an easy target for the half day trips.  Summer is about here so lets go fishing


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