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Oak Island Fishing Charters Nearshore Report

The last few days Oak Island Fishing Charters has been fishing near the beach chasing Spanish Macherel (which showed up good today).  Not to be pulled away that its shark week we got off to a slow start Monday morning but then the bite turned on.  At times we would lose count on the number of Blacktips and was thankful the sharks was circling the boat.  On the nearshore reefs the flounder bite is picking back up also. Sure hope the rest of the week is as good as the last couple days.

Oak Island Fishing Charters's photo.

Oak Island Fishing Charters's photo.

Oak Island Fishing Charters's photo.

Photo: Sharks are close

Photo: Slow day but it has teeth and its shark week

Photo: Spanish have showed up

Photo: Kinda slow but getting some nice ones


Oak Island Fishing Charters After the Storm update

The last 4 days it has rained nonstop and while I was inside all I could think about was how bad the fishing was going to be.  Thankfully after today nothing has changed, the water color in the ocean looked just as clean if not cleaner then before the rain and sure its a little brown but its better then sandy green.  The sharks this morning was biting strong for the first couple hours with a fish every 10 min or so.  On the afternoon trip we caught a few but it had slowed way down for us for some reason.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Update

Not much has changed at Oak Island NC.  The backwater is on the slower side with a few flounder and drum here and there but will get better this is hottest time of the year so we have to work to catch them.  We have not been offshore but im sure the bottom fish are chewing like always. The Nearshore trips have been hot catching big sharks up and down the beach and the only this missing right now is the Spanish Mackerel but they will show up in better numbers daily.


Oak Island Fishing Charters Weekly Report

Oak Island Fishing Charters has been non stop snatching fish out of the water keeping our goal of Backwater to Bluewater successful trips.  The backwater trips have been producing Flounder (mostly on the reef) and Red Drum.  Nearshore the Spanish Mackerel and Big Sharks have been keeping the rods bent daily.  Offshore full day trips has seen some big grouper along with lots of Triggerfish and Amberjacks.  Not much left to say but the fish are biting now all we need is the weather to work with us for a while (would be nice).  Check out the link of the Grouper and Triggerfish swimming around

Oak Island Fishing Charters Grouper/King/Drum/Snapper Catching Weekend

The weather at Oak Island NC has been perfect for all kinds of fishing the last 3 days.  The Red Drum have been providing steady action with the backwater trips thanks to the arrival of finger mullet.  Both Capt John and myself had trips offshore catching big keeper grouper’s, big Kings and Genuine American Red Snapper (season is open every weekend in July).  The way we fish offshore is different and takes a lot of extra time and gas but its worth the time to trophy fish trust me the locals know.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

Well this week has been hit with all the highs and lows you can think of.  Early in the week the ocean was calm and the Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish and Sharks put on a show for us with greats catches.  The last couple days the wind has kept us inside fishing the backwaters for Red Drum, Trout and Flounder and is just about to make us pull our hair out.  Good catches on one trip and very slow on the next.  The pattern will change because change is the only thing consistent with fishing.  Looks like we will be back in the ocean Fri so standby.

Post Hurrican Auther update

We have been out looking the last few days to get a hold on the fishing situation off Oak Island NC after the storm.  The water is dirty  it could be worse and the Spanish Mackerel have left the area but should return anytime.   Shark fishing should pick up as well once the water starts to clear back up.  The backwater fishing for Red Drum and Flounder are still biting good enough to make a solid trip.  We will be in the ocean off and on all week but our main focus might be converting to backwater catching.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Backwater, Nearshore and Grouper Catching.

The busy season is here and the weather man taking care of the charter boats for the most part with nice weather and hungry fish.  The flounder bite has been steady with a drum mixed in the backwater.  Nearshore trips have been catching lots of Spanish Mackerel and Blues plus blacktip sharks and Hammerheads.  On the days offshore we have been filling the boxes with Grouper, Triggerfish, Cobia and Amberjacks.  If you every had an urge to go catching and not fishing you need to come to Oak Island NC we will take care of the rest.


Oak Island Fishing Charters Weekend Fishing Report

Still on the grind at Oak Island NC with Oak Island Fishing Charters and the Backwater and Nearshore trips.  In the backwater its just a steady pick of Flounder, Red Drum and Black Drum.  Its not easy fishing right now but we are catching.  On the Nearshore trips of Oak Island the Spanish Mackerel are thick and the sharks are hungry so if your looking for lots of action this is the trip to take at the present time…


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