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Oak Island Fishing Charters Wind Wind and more Wind.

Sorry for not having anything to report but we are still here.  Cant get offshore because the wind just want stop blowing and the warm waters we like to fish are way offshore.  I have also been canceling the backwater trips cause I need to go look around for the fish first and the wind want let us do that either.  Hopefully soon we will be back at it daily.  Be patient.

Oak Island Fishing Charters March Update

So far this season the “winds” have not let us get offshore but we were able to get out for a 1/2 day nearshore fishing trip.  Catching fish this time of year is easy but on the nearshore trips you have to release just about everything you catch.  Anyway we had a blast and an awesome day on the water.    Seabass and Sharks all morning.   Come on Grouper season.








Oak Island Fishing Charters 1/2 day

Finally the wind laid down enough for us to get out and bend the rods over.  Our 1/2 day trips this time of year are very limited on what we can catch.  Blackbass one after another (which we had to release) with a Spiny Dog Fish mixed in every so often.  All in all it was a great day on the water with plenty of action.  Hope to be offshore next weekend.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Winter Update

King Mackerel, Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna is whats been hanging around this winter when the wind does not blow 40mph and thats about everyday.  This time of year we are chasing the Bluefin Tuna and they are fast cause we have not caught one yet but we are seeing some big thresher sharks.  Looks like the next 45-60 days we will be getting the boats ready for the season so this is probably the last report till March.  Grouper season  opens in May so start getting your group together and we will show you the difference between “Bottom fishing and Grouper catching”.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Offshore Report

Finally made it offshore and all I can say is I hope things change next time we get out.  The water looked like you could build a sand castle it had so much sand in it but we did catch some nice kings in the dirty water.  Found crystal clear water but no bait or fish to be seen.  Also the best signs of life are about 15 miles off the beach with Whales, Dolphins and tons of bait so the Bluefin Tuna needs to get this memo and come on down.  Looks like we will be getting a good stretch of weather toward the weekend.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Trout Fishing

Even with all this heavy wind and cold air we have been running several Trout trips each week with great results.  If you bring enough clothes to keep warm we can still have fun fishing the backwaters of Oak Island.  The trout have been anywhere between 12″-22″ with the best bite being during the falling tide.  If you are tired of sitting in the house come join us for some trout action.

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