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Oak Island Fishing Charters weekend update

The last four days nearshore has been a roller-coaster ride while fishing for King Mackerel.  For some reason they would bite one day and “lock jaw” the next.  This is fishing and we can only be at the right place at the right time.  Now on the days the Kings did not want to bite the biggest sharks we have caught all year are here and they are a blast to catch.  So tight lines with big fish have been no problem.  Looks like Tues and Wed we will be looking for the King Mackerels again.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Awesome nearshore fishing

The past several days has provide some hot Shark fishing and King Mackerel fishing.  The Sharks are 100-200lbs and all you want to catch.  Now the King Mackerel is a different story you have to be very patient and wait for the tide to get right.  Once the tide is right its wide open with King Mackerel jumping on every Live Bait that’s swimming behind the boat.  The fish are still in the larger size with fish avg is 30lbs.  Fall fishing nearshore is great with Live Bait.

Oak Island Fishing Charters live bait fishing

Once again today we proved Live Bait for King Mackerel nearshore is a hot ticket this time of year.  Good news is it should only get better as the water temps ease down to the low 70’s.  Starting to get some pictures in from the last several Live Bait king trips with Big Kings and Big Spanish.  Remember live bait fall fishing makes good fishing better.



Oak Island Fishing Charters where is the Grouper

Yesterday was the worst grouper trip I have ever had.  Now that is a bold statement but we never caught the 1st grouper, although the Snappers, triggerfish, jacks and blackbass wanted to bite the grouper did not.  Im still trying to think of a reason since we have limited out on just about every grouper trip for many years.  King Mackerel or Wahoo for the rest of the month since I need some time to let that trip heal itself.

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