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Oak Island NC Fishing Report

Things have been busy and going well at Oak Island Fishing Charters.  The offshore fishing trips have been producing Mahi, Grouper and lots of Trigger Fish.  All our nearshore trips have kept the rod bent fighting big sharks and catching a few Spanish Mackerel.  The Spanish Mackerel should be showing up in better numbers anytime also.  Flounder and Red Drum is the way to go in the backwater half day trips.  Heading offshore next several days again so standby.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

Its that time of year and fishing is in full swing again now that all the dirty water has moved on from the storm last week.  In the Gulfstream we are catching lots of Big Scamp Grouper, Triggerfish and Vermilion Snapper.  We target grouper and catch a lot of them because we have put in the extra time in the past commercial fishing for them.  You can have all the experience in the world but without the right places to catch just Grouper you will spend your whole day catching Black Seabass with other bottom fish and accidentally  catch a grouper here and there (Dont get me wrong this is a lot of fun also).  Thats not how we fish, you catch Grouper and accidentally catch other fish with us.  In the backwater the flounder bite has picked up and should be right on time for the June run.  On our nearshore half day trips Big Sharks, Spanish Mackerel and some Cobia have been keeping the rods bent.  Its time to put some fish in the boat so join us because Oak Island has the best fishery around.



Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

Finally it looks like the fishing and the weather has figured out what time of year it is at Oak Island NC.  In the backwater Red Drum, Black Drum have been the best bet and any day the flounder will show up.  On the Nearshore trips it looks like our summer pattern is starting early with great catches of Blue Fish, Spanish Mackerel and Big Sharks.  Grouper fishing should be called Grouper catching with us because we target Grouper specifically and the results are rewarding.



Oak Island Fishing Charters Backwater Fishing

Finally for whatever reason the backwater fishing looks like its ready to get with the program.  After weeks of heavy wind and rain it has been a struggle catching fishing but we might have just found the location to change that.  The last couple days have produced solid Red Drum and Black Drum catches with a lot of fish over the slot size and that really adds to the fun.  Tired of sitting inside like us then lets go fishing.  Remember keep it fun

Fishing Reports for Oak Island Fishing Charters

Lots of rain and wind here at Oak Island NC has kept us from fishing a lot but on the days we did make it out the fishing pattern near shore is starting to change.  Black Seabass are still plentiful but the good news is the sharks are starting to show along with the Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel.    The best fishing months are ahead of us so lets get ready and go fishing.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

Spring Break is here at Oak Island NC and the weather has finally made its turn.  On our half day nearshore trips we have been seeing lots of action with Black Seabass.  Backwater fishing is still a little slow but getting better by the day and with the right tide the rewards are worth the effort.  If your tired of sitting around now is the time to start thinking about booking your trip so lets go fishing

Oak Island Fishing Charters fishing Report

Well its mid March and we are on schedule with the boat maintenance.  Today the ocean was calm and we had to go fishing and experience saltwater therapy.  The Blacksea bass and Grouper are hungry and ready for the ride home. It  will only get better.  With  the new motors we now have a cruising speed around 33-35 mph so thats a lot of fishing time.  Lets go fishing


Oak Island Fishing Charters Winter Updates

Its about that time again to start thinking about warmer weather a good fishing but for now its still way to cold for me.  One of the projects this winter was to put new motors, new electronics and equipment on the Contender to give us hopefully a little more of an edge.  The new motors have increased our cruising speed by 8 mph and that is huge for use while making the long runs.  Remember Grouper season opens May 1st and we don’t have many days open for grouper so I hope everybody is staying warm and dreaming of going fishing.


Oak Island Fishing Charters NC Fishing Report

Well its that time of year again so this will most likely  be my last report till Mid March.  We did get out on the water the other day to burn all the gas out of the boat and was rewarded with a full limit of Big Wahoo’s.  The reason for not having fishing reports till March is because we are updating the boats with electronics and New Motors for 2015.  May will be here before you know it so for all my grouper fans its time to book your adventure.  Thanks again and take care.

Photo: First trip 2015 was a successful day.  Limited out on big wahoo's.

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