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Oak Island Fishing Charters Dec update

The last several weeks at Oak Island Fishing Charters we have been sneaking out a couple days a week.  This month we have been rewarded with some nice king mackerel ( a lot of them BTW) and on the warmer day the Red Drum have been fun to catch.   My  rule is usually Jan 15-March 1st I do not fish but if the weather stays mild who knows.  Remember May is the month to fill the box with grouper so dont be left out since there is only  so many days to go.  We  finished up our last Grouper tagging trip with the state and included a little video to help get you ready.  Merry Christmas and thanks for all the support.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Report

The last several weeks we have been tested with producing fish during a confused weather pattern.  The nearshore trips have been catching good numbers of Speckeled Trout, Red Drum even on the super cold mornings.  Gulfstream trips have been rewarded with huge Wahoos and a few lost Mahi.  We are in a confused situation again with our commercial fishing because we cant make up our mind to chase King Mackerel or the Giant Bluefin Tuna that have finally showed back up.


Photo: Fun cold morning catching over slot Red Drum

Oak Island Fishing Charters Nov Update

The season has changed here at Oak Island NC and with that brings long periods of wind which keeps us from going fishing as much as we would like.  During the pretty days we have had great catchs of King Mackerel, Wahoo, Grouper on our offshore trips and very close to an epic trout catching this fall.  We tend to focus on Commercial fishing after Thanksgiving till Easter just becasue we love to catch fish and stay tuned in to the fishing patterens.  Trust us with your trips because we are truly on the water year round making a living.  Lets go fishing.


Photo: 500lbs 3 hours= good day

Photo: Another great day in the books

Photo: Big ARS

Photo: All in a days work

Photo: End results = fish fry

Oak Island Fishing Charters Oct Countdown

October has been busy at Oak Island NC.   The fall weather has kept the fishing in high gear for the most part with great catches of King Mackerel, Giant Red Drum, Wahoo, Grouper and Flounder.  Looks like the rest of the month (next 8 or 9 days) we will show no mercy on the fish and send the nearshore fishing out with a bang.  There is a little time to join us if you like catching fish.

Photo: Some days its just to easy at Oak Island NC

Photo: This is what its about at Oak Island NC.

Photo: 2 at a time

Photo: Couple more weeks of nearshore action. Capt JD has some open days

Photo: Fall is in the air at Oak Island NC.

Photo: Got a few more weeks to catch fish close to the beach

Photo: Long and thick king mackerel this morning

Photo: Kings are on the beach and they are hungry

Photo: Easy day to load the box

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

Over the past week we have been in constant battle with the weather but the fish are here and they are hungry.  The few days the wind let us get offshore we are still getting the wahoo’s.  On our nearshore trips the big Spanish Mackerel have showed up with best results being live bait.  Of course the sharks are still around and still showing us lots of fun.  Backwater fishing is still Red Drum with a Flounder in the mix. Fall is here lets go fishing.


Photo: Flatfish action

Photo: Now its time to work on the red drum

Photo: Wahoo bite was hot this weekend

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report Update

After the busy  Holiday weekend I tried to lay low and collect my thoughts again.  We have had wind, rain for a few days but when the weather is nice we did take advantage of the great fishing.  Big African Pompanos on the offshore stucture along with a few Grouper and lots of Amberjack.  In the Gulfstream the Wahoo bite has been great with the boats full limit the norm.  The Red Drum are still bunching up getting ready to do their fall bite so if you have not booked your trips yet now is the time.

Photo: Go big or go home, right?

Photo: We found the school at 11am and after 30 plus bites we landed our 10 fish.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing Report

Not much has changed in the last week except the number of boats on the water this past weekend.  With all the boats it made it tough to find spots that have not already seen tons of lead weights but we gave it a try anyway.  The Red Drum action is picking up in the ocean and the flounder are making a comeback.  Fall is around the corning and that means we are changing things up to target King Mackerel and Big Red Drum.  If you want to see what our fall fishing is all about with Oak Island Fishing Charters give us a call we will show you a good time.

Photo: Crushing the Red Drum this morning


Oak Island Fishing Charters Nearshore and Backwater Fishing Charters

The last few days the weather has been just about perfect and the fishing has been easy again of Oak Island NC.  The Spanish Mackerel have showed back up in good numbers along with the Blacktip sharks.  While fishing in the backwater the flounder bite is still slow but the Red Drum are starting to school up and catching 3 or 4 at a time is common.  Looks like a taste of fall coming this week.

Photo: These two kids put a whooping on the Red Drum

Photo: Sore lips today for the red drums

Photo: Great day, smoked the red drum switched boats and wore the blacktips out

Photo: Better off leaving this big blacktip in the water

Oak Island Fishing Charters Nearshore, Offshore and Backwater Fishing

We finally had a stretch of nice weather at Oak Island NC and had all kinds of trips running around.  First off the Offshore fishing this week has been great execpt the Grouper have been few and far between.  This will improve but every other kind of bottom fish is ready for a ride to the dinner table.  The Nearshore fishing is finally back in full swing with Spanish Mackerel up and down the beach and of course the Sharks are very easy to catch.  With all the rain we had a few weeks ago the Backwater fishing has finally producing good numbers again with Red Drum and Flounder.  Fall is around the corning so dont wait lets book an adventure.

Photo: Let the story telling begin. Who needs tv we got the action off Oak Island NC

Photo: Great way to end the day

Photo: Very slow for us grouper fishing with the highlight being this Wahoo on grouper rig.  Can you say hold on

Photo: Red Drum are hungry

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