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Oak Island Fishing Charters weekly update

The last several days we have been really busy chasing down the fish.  With the NE winds blowing the air temp felt like OCT and the ocean finally got nice enough to fish off Oak Island.  Capt John reported steady action on the Blacktip Sharks and bait all up and down the beach.  Ive been in the backwater targeting Red Drum and Flounder with good results as well.  The pictures look like they were taking in the winter but they were this week.


Oak Island Fishing Charters Nearshore and Backwater

Well the wind is still blowing here at Oak Island but the fishing is still productive.  On the nearshore trips we are going to Carolina Beach to hide from the wind and the fishing is not great but its better than sitting at the house.  Now the backwater fishing is still producing big Red Drum and Flounder so you do have choices when its wind.  BTW if you go out of CB inlet around low tide watch out I saw 2.6ft and breaking water across.


Oak Island Fishing Charters Fathers Day Update

I almost forgot which pictures go where from this weekend.  Lost of fishing and catching is what was going on with Oak Island Fishing Charters.  Capt John ended up going offshore again with Oak Islands “Nauti Girl Charters” and they caught everything that swims out there.  Some of the fish are 35lb king mackerel big scamps, big gags, hub cap size triggerfish and all the jacks and bass they wanted.  I had backwater trips with the sons and daughters for fathers day.  The Red Drum, Flounder and Trout will be on the menu for a couple of families this week.  Sure hope the Spanish Mackerel show up.

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