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Oak Island Fishing Charters Mixed Bag

Oak Island Fishing Charters went to the stream off Southport today hoping the wahoo were biting like they are up the road and we have yet to see one.  We did boat a nice Blackfin Tuna and King Mackerel.   Seeing that the stream was slow for us we went Amberjack Fishing and they showed us no mercy again today, at times nobody would even want to reel it in.   With sore arms they wanted to catch some little fish so we caught Blackbass, Trigger fish and Gray Snapper.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Amberjack City

Oak Island Fishing Charters went a put a hurting on the Big Amberjacks today or I should say the Amberjacks were the ones causing the pain.  I guess the grouper was sleeping all day today because this was the first time in a loooong time we could not get them going but we caught plenty of over sized fish to make up for it.  This is a sample of what the BIG Amberjacks today looked like.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Shark Shark Shark

Today Oak Island Fishing Charters ran 2 half day trips.  The first one showed us  a shark feeding frenzy right beside and all around the boat.  Once we found the right bait it was on.  The second trip was not so lucky the shrimp boat did not pull its net in the whole time we were there but we did pick at the Spanish Mackerel while we waited and caught a big Blacknose Shark before it was time to come home.  The best part about today was we caught fish on each trip and the ocean was nice and calm where we were at.  Hope tomorrow is the same.

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