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Oak Island Fishing Charters 1/2 day

With all the King Mackerel we have been catching you would think nothing would change and they would bite like clockwork.  Well its fishing and they decided to go 30 miles north and south of us instead.  Not to be outdone we tucked in behind a shrimp boat and once again more big 6-8 foot Spinner Sharks than you could imagine.  After doing battle for hours we went looking for smaller fish “now thats a good problem”.  Looks like Grouper fishing Friday.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Live Bait King Mackerel Catching

During the last several days we have switched things over to live bait fishing and the rewards are great.  You catch bigger Kings and bigger Spanish this way while fishing close to the shore.  If the wind is blowing its no big deal just like yesterday “day after full moon” and East wind we still had steady action while kite fishing.  Limit of Kings and 12 5-6lb Spanish Mackerel.  Remember live bait makes good fishing better.

Oak Island Fishing Charters King Mack attack

Today we stayed on the beach all day off Oak Island and let me tell you live bait fishing is the only way to go.  Without live bait on the beach fishing for King Mackerel you are at a major disadvantage.  Steady king action all day till we ran out of bait.  Fish sizes were 18-39lbs and should be like this till the water gets below 68 degrees.  Come join us on our full day live bait King Mackerel fishing trips.  waiting on the pictures

Oak Island Fishing Charters Gulfstream Beat down

What a picture perfect day with Oak Island Fishing Charters in the gulfstream..  Best part is we only saw 1 boat all day.  The wahoos all but tried to jump in the boat with several time having 2-3-5 fish on at one time and only catching 1 or zero.  Finished the day with 8 wahoo, 1 sailfish and 2 king mackerel.  Thank you for letting Oak Island Fishing Charters keep your lines tight see you on the water.  Pictures to come but now they are on our facebook page.


Oak Island Fishing Charters Fall Fishing

The last several days Oak Island Fishing Charters has been on the beach catching Big Citation Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel and all the big sharks anybody would want.  The fall fishing is here and its great.  Hope to be in the stream some during the next several days.  If you have not booked with us hurry up cause we only have a few days open for the next several week.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Red Hot Fishing

If you have not already booked your fall fishing trip with Oak Island Fishing Charters or any other service now is the time.  Cooler air, lots of bait and lots of fish are already in the picture. If the storms and strong SW winds stay away this could be our best fall fishing we have seen in years.  Right now its Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel and the Wahoo have started biting and should get better as this week goes on.  We have a few more Spanish trips then the Kings and Wahoos better watch out.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Fishing is Great

Once again just like the last several days the Spanish Mackerel are all up and down the beach you just have to ask yourself “how many do we want to catch”.  Its not always this easy and you have to remember to say we have caught all that we will be able to eat.  Its been a while since I have seen the sharks schooled up like they are also.  Many time over the last several day we have been sight casting to big 6fts as they circle the live bait they have balled up.  Hope this coming week things stay 1/2 as good.

Oak Island Fishing Charters “fish are everywhere”

The last several day we have been chasing around Spanish Mackerel and Sharks just like the summer months but after the first day of the NE winds things slowed down.  It did not take long for the fish to get into the fall feeding frenzy and today was a perfect example of how good the fishing can be off Oak Island.  First this morning we found the spanish mackerel by the “miles” them we went back to shark fishing and it was one after another.  Hope tomorrow is the same.

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