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Oak Island Fishing Charters Great Day

Oak Island Fishing Charters had 2 1/2 day trips and both had success cathing Spanish Mackerel and Sharks.  On the first trip we caught the Spanish half way down the beach and we spent the last hours catching blacktip sharks up to 50 pounds.  On the afternoon trip we found the Spanish Mackerel off Bald Head Island jumping everwhere and after a while they just disappeared so we went Shark Fishing.  The sharks this afternoon were big up 80 plus pounds and at the end of the day everyone went home with plenty to eat and Big Fish stories to tell.  We will be in the Backwater all day tomorrow.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Great Day

Oak Island Fishing Charters had another great trip to Carolina Beach today.  We got there early and the Spanish Mackerel were biting steady till about 8:30-9.  We then noticed a small shrimp boat culling its catch and the sharks were busting the water.  We caught sharks as soon as the bait hit the water and after landing several nice sharks the shrimp boat was gone and so were the fish.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Shark Frenzy

Oak Island Fishing Charters make the quick ride to Carolina Beach to fish in calm water since the wind was blowing at Oak Island.  Our reward for making the ride was the sight of more Sharks than you could count and everytime I threw the bait out a Shark would suck it up.  Our only problem today was we ran out of bait I should have caught more Spanish but that’s a good problem.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Hot Backwater

Oak Island Fishing Charters had two backwater trips yesterday and although we started off slow by the end of the first trip we found the flounder.  On the second trip we went right back to were we found the flounder but could not get one to bite.  After a move we found the big Red Drum and just about every one was over the slot size and had a hard time landing them as they were breaking us off.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Great Fishing

Oak Island Fishing Charters had 3 trips today chasing down anything that would bite our hooks.  The first trip we tried to catch a big Tarpon and struck out only had 5 good runs that did not hook up ( must have been sharks).  The other two trips had kids on them so we went Spanish and Shark fishing.  Finally the Spanish were everywhere and the nice Blacktips also.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Round and Round

Oak Island Fishing Charters had a very hard time finding fish today and we burned alot of gas running from one end of the island to the other.  Good news is later in the day the water started to get its original color back and we caught a few fish . So the next several days should be good fishing (we hope).  You cant fill the boat up everytime but you do need to try.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Need Pictures

Oak Island Fishing Charters would like you to send the pictures you took while on the boat with us.  Almost all the pictures on the website are from the customers since I like to tear my cameras up.  We have had some great pictures over the last several days with familys and I am still waiting. 

This morning the wind felt like it had more South than Southwest so we decided not to go to Carolina Beach this morning and just moved the trip to another day.  When we make the decision to run up to CB we cant be second guessing.  If we missed a good day up there today then so be it.

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