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Oak Island Fishing Charters Backwater Drum Fishing

Another awesome day on the water but this time we went looking for the Red Drum.  Tried some new areas today and would get a bite here and there but nothing that showed the fish were thick.  After several spots and a couple fish it was time to go back to the proven grounds.  Must have been something in the air cause it was the same thing a fish here and there.  Anyway it was a fun day on the water catching fish just had to look harder.

Oak Island Fishing Charters King Mackerel Catching

The King Mackerel are starting to spread out now since the water is warming up but not before we got to keep the lines tight this morning.  Just when you think its going to be an awesome day Catching that whole “fishing” thing rolls around.  The first few hours was producing steady King Mackerel then it turned to 40-60lb blacktip sharks the rest of the day.  Either way the rod stayed bent most of the day so the trip was a success.  But the real story was this monster Wahoo Capt Austin (clearly hooked) caught beside us today on 20lb test.  This is why you go fishing cause you never know.

Oak Island Fishing Charters King Mackerel are here

Finally had the wind and the water working together today so we set sail looking for King Mackerel.  One thing I saw that was not in our favor was the warm water pushed up inshore of the 100′ mark.  Needless to say the whole day was no-stop action with King Mackerel, Amberjacks, Little Tunnys weighing over 400lbs.  Looks like it will be several days before the wind lays down for us to try again.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Red Drum Fishing

Finally had a beautiful day on the water and even though it took us a while to locate the fish we found the action.  Once we found the drum they kept in the same spot for over an hour till we ran out of bait.  Even though we did not “land” a real big one the opportunity was there.  I left the camera in the other boat so it looks like we will have to go catch them again for the photo moment.  Still ready to do a little commercial king mackerel fishing.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Kids Fishing Easter Weekend

With Easter weekend and spring break we have been able to squeez in several 1/2 day fishing trips.  The best part is we have had a ton of kids on the boats catching blackbass and sharks at a steady pace.  Looks like the windy conditions have arrived again but next week should be back to “normal”.  Ready to do a little commercial king mackerel fishing before the Grouper beatdown starts.  Lets go fishing.


Oak Island Fishing Charters Easter Weekend Update

We had lots of kids Friday and Sat on several 1/2 day fishing trips.  Once again Seabass and Sharks were there fish of choice since they are thick and provided steady action.  Looks like the wind will be giving us no choice but to sit on land again the rest of the week we cant even run the backwater trips cause its going to be blowing so hard.  The weather has got to get better sooner than later and Grouper season is right around the corner :).  We have a few days open in May to either go after the Big Sharks Nearshore or if you want to see what Grouper catching is give us a call.

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