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Oak Island Fishing Charters Grouper pic and Huge Hammerhead vido.

We are starting to get a few pictures in from the past grouper trips.  When you fish with us offshore we go for quality control chasing Grouper.  Everything else Bass, Grunts and Jack are just a side item (btw we catch the grouper).  I will keep posting pictures but go to our facebook page for other info.  thanks again for joining us on our adventures.  is our Shark Video.



Oak Island Fishing Charters Offshore Update

Oak Island Fishing Charters had an awesome day offshore with our short window without the wind blowing.  The day started by catching the limit of cobia with easy while catching Grouper bait.  Next the 1st Grouper rock was solid 15-20 Scamps and Gag Grouper which lasted 20 min before the boats limit was filled.  After the crew got some AJs and their limit of Blackbass they said lets go home we aint dropping no more squid.  Everyday is not that easy just makes the day go by quicker.  The charter has the pictures on a good camera so give me some time.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Update

Oak Island Fishing Charters took a couple days off the ocean to go play in the backwaters.   We are still waiting on the flounder bite to improve but until it does the Red Drum is still on the menu.  Got a few pictures from last week and still waiting on a bunch more to roll in once everybody gets back home.  Hope the ocean gets better for the offshore trips this week.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Offshore Madness

Oak Island Fishing Charters and gang went on a bottom fishing mission today looking for some big Scamp Grouper.  Started off the day smashing the Cobia and once everybody caught one they were ready to go on the grouper hunt (it was hard leaving 30 cobia still swimming around the boat).  At the end of the day the catching big scamps was complete along with the limit of Seabass.  The hardest part of our trip was staying away from the Seabass they are everywhere and very easy to catch.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Stream Report

Once again today Oak Island Fishing Charters but a beating on the Gaffer Mahi’s and another big Wahoo.  Fishing does not get any better right now.  All our trips have had great luck on Grouper, Mahi and Wahoo’s on the offshore trips.  Also the Nearshore trips have been producing steady action on the Spanish Mackerel.  Todays Charter took their own pictures so it might take a week or two to post.  Lets go fishing.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Update

Busy season is here and there has been lots of catching going on from the backwater to the bluewater.  The Spanish Mackerel and Shark fishing has been steady on the nearshore trips.  The offshore trips have been seeing good numbers of Big Grouper, Mahi and Wahoos.  Lots going on right now so Ill check back in Sun.


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