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Oak Island Fishing Charters Nearshore Spanish Mackerel

With the wind blowing at Oak Island AGAIN we used the speed of the center console boats and went to calm water.  Once we got there you could tell the fishing was going to be good with all the bait and birds around .  Finally the Spanish were jumping all around the boat and every rod in the water had fish coming in every time we circled them.  Flounder fishing tomorrow.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Shark Attack

The last couple day the Shark fishing has been about as good as it gets.  After a slow start this morning the “twister” helped us out with some Spanish Mackerel and it was on non stop Blacktip Sharks.  After about 10 fish it was time to go.  The afternoon trip jumped right back it were the morning trip stopped and did not have to wait to start bending the rod one after another.  After a couple hours and sore arms we called it an early day.

Photo: Fish has been great and putting smiles on a lot of kids faces.

Oak Island Fishing Charters more Spanish and Sharks

After all this wind we finally got back into the ocean and was welcomed with calm seas and hungry fish.  On the morning trip we caught Spanish 2 and 3 at a time (as good as it gets).  The after noon trip was Shark fishing only and they must have been starving cause it was 2 at a time for a couple hours then with the arms sore we came to the house.  Hope tomorrow is the same.

Photo: They are still around

Oak Island Fishing Charters Nearshore Fishing Report

The winds have still been blow but let up a lot today so we went  back to Carolina Beach to see if the Spanish were around.  The answer is yes when you find the pogie balls you will catch fish and most of them are nice sized.  With the speed of our Center Consoles this ride is quick and you get to fish in calm water where your chances of catching fish are good.  Looks like I will be chasing flounder the next couple days and they might already be cooked since the water is so hot.

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