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Oak Island Fishing Charters No King Attact

Oak Island Fishing Charters fished the beach today hoping the fall migration of the jumping King Mackerel would do their thing.  First 10 min 25lber in the boat then alot of riding.  On our way home the bite turned on for about an hour so tomorrow should be game on.  Oct. can be some of the best fishing close to the beach but just like any other kind of fishing its up to the fish.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Grouper Cobia

Oak Island Fishing Charters went looking for King Mackerel close to the beach first thing but they were not around or did not want to bite.  We moved off a few miles and were catching Big black bass and Gag grouper as fast as the bait could hit the water.  Cobia and sharks were also part of the rod bending.  Looks like Sat. might be the next day to sneak out.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Backwater Drum and Flounder

Oak Island Fishing Charters went to the backwater today and had a tough time.  First stop was fish after fish but the drum were under sized so we kept plugging along.  We hooked several fish that took off and broke our line but the ones that get away don’t count also had a undersized flounder.  Everyday is different you just need to enjoy yourself on the water like the group did today.

Oak Island Fishing Charters Shark Fishing

Oak Island Fishing Charters set the spread out for King Mackerel this morning and as luck would have it they did not want to bite our hooks.  Several boats in the area caught fish but the big bite has not really happened yet.  The morning was not a waste because there are shrimp boats everywhere and that equals big sharks and they were very hungry.  The wind is suppose to turn to the NE and I will have to say I LOVE a NE or East wind this time of year because it makes the King Mackerel go crazy.  So the old wise tale of wind out of the east fish bite the least is just another excuse.

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